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The Letter

The Letter

With my recent mammogram experience still fresh in my mind and body (by body I mean boobs). I was going about my day to day activities and not thinking too much about anything. It was spring and a grand summer was just around the corner. Hiking, kayaking, fishing and camping were all on the schedule. It was going to be a fun, busy summer!

I received a letter from the imaging place. I opened it and figured it would be the usual, “I have reviewed your breast images and found nothing to suggest cancer. Blah blah blah. Your mammogram shows you have dense breast tissue. Blah blah. See you next year.” I started to read, “I have reviewed your breast imaging (so far so good) and would like you to return for additional evaluation to better assess an area(s) in question.” Wait…What? I read it again. Nope didn’t change, still said the same thing. I read further, “We will contact you to arrange for special mammographic views and/or an ultrasound examination of the breast to further assess the area(s) in question. Blah blah. More words.” Special mammographic views? Isn’t that what I already had? As I thought back to that last mammogram my left boob started to twitch a little. This was not the usual letter, except for the part about dense breast tissue, which was still in there. I think that little paragraph will be in there until I’m like 90 years old and they’ll be too stretched out to be dense. Gravity can be a bitch.

I read the letter a couple more times just to be sure. Then I called my long time friend, Jody, to see what she thought. She said she has gotten that letter a couple times. It turned out to not be cancer, but a cyst. This was probably the same thing. They will just do the mammogram and the ultra sound, look them over, say it’s nothing to be concerned with and send me home. OK, that sounded reasonable. Better to be safe and get it done. I called and made the appointment for the next available date. After I did that I got to thinking about the previous mammogram. Now it made sense. That’s why she kept redoing my left breast. I guess I didn’t waste that extra $75.00 for the 3D mammogram after all. Most of the worry was gone, most.

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