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Hi!  I am Brenda Mott.  I am a breast cancer survivor, thriver, fighter, crusader and any other “word of the month” that fits.  I kind of liked “Bad Ass Cancer Kicking Bitch”, but that one never really took.

These are stories of my life’s detour down an unexpected road and all of the speed bumps, road blocks and even some pile ups that came with it.

Now, there is nothing funny or fun about cancer or any other disease.  That being said I tend to be a “glass ½ full” kind of person.  I try to see the bright side of everything, even the super crappy things.  Sometimes you have to use humor to see it.  That’s how I got through my “Tour” with cancer.  I say “Tour” because it can be an all out war, except with cancer your body is the battle ground.  

These stories are how I remember things.  That means they may have a few minor embellishments (like I said, humor). 

The medical professionals do their best to cover all the key points on what’s coming down the road for you.  But, there are things that they just don’t think to tell you.   Things that may be important to you when you are starting or in the middle of or even after treatments are done.  You know - things.  It’s not that they don’t care.  It just seems that maybe that 1 thing they forgot is not a priority at that time, at least not to them.  I will include the things I learned as I found them out, usually sitting ½ naked in someone’s office. 

Nothing can totally prepare you for the roller coaster ride that cancer provides you, no ticket needed.  Everyone is different and every case is different.

I am absolutely not giving any medical advice or saying how you should live, eat, breathe or anything remotely akin to that.  You should do you.

So, if you are just starting your detour, in the middle of treatments, done with treatments or you landed here by accident I hope my stories will help give you some insight and maybe a chuckle or two (laughter is the best medicine). 

While this blog is mostly about breast cancer, it’s not all about breast cancer.  There will be some stories that don’t directly pertain to cancer but are worth “The tell” none the less.

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